Professional Services


Tow Service

Our Tow services are excellent. Ready to move truck with standard flat bed and winch. We are ready to rescue. we are only a phone call away. 24hrs service. Nation wide coverage

Mechanical repair

Mechanical Repair

All our auto mechanics were certified by CFAO's, Alliance Auto's Nigera, foremost authorized Nissan dealer. Our Auto mechanic specialize in proper premium oil change, Engine Rebuild, Suspension Parts replacement, Transmission Service and Re-build

Electrical Repair

We are certified to re-code Nissan AntiTheft security System, programming for ECM and immobilizers (Keys) and also initilize Immobilizers, Transponder Key and ECM for Toyota, Honda and many more.

Electrical repair

Body Work

Our team of body work contract staff are the best in panel reconstruction of motor vehicle, frames, panels and chassis.

car body work
spray work

Spray Work

Our team of painters trained under Peugeot Kaduna. We are the best in our region. Our Spray Oven is rugged; and can handle a 100 vehicles a month.

Car Wash

Car Wash

Your vehicle is brand new again. We bring back those old memories. Turning your Leather, Fabric, Floor, Mats, Engine and Tyres new again. We wax and polish to give your leather and body panel that glossy finish

Pare Parts

Spare Parts

We stock genuine spare parts for Nissan, Toyota, Hyunda, Kia, Foton, and Honda. Our stores are ready to take your orders and deliver to you any where within Nigeria